An Adventure Awaits!

Welcome to Luminous ID, website and mobile app designed to help you identify, share, and explore plant species on Niwot Ridge, Colorado!


Identify: Use the filter function in the field guide to narrow down the list of possible species you are looking at during your research visit or hike to the Mountain Research Station and Niwot Ridge.

Share: Record the plants you observe with the app, and once you are back with cell reception upload your observations to the website. The more observations we get from you, the better Niwot Ridge scientists will be able to carry out their research on how species are responding to climate change!

Explore: Search for a variety of different species, using the field guide as a reference.

Identify: Use the filter function in the field guide to search for the species you are interested in.

Share: Are you good at identifying plants but perhaps do not often visit Niwot Ridge? Verify uploaded observations using your botanical expertise so that we have an accurate record!

Explore: Use the observation map to check out where a certain species is located on Niwot Ridge. Download the geographic data from all recorded observations to understand how different species are distributed. Interested in past photographic observations to answer your questions on how phenology is changing on Niwot Ridge? Access all photographic observations from the Niwot LTER server.